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Liza Ledet

Liza Ledet // Half Marathon // Philadelphia, PA

This was my first 1/2 marathon. I had only ran a handful of 5K’s and one 10K prior. I only started “really” running since last October. I am more of a sprint/high intensity type of athlete. I teach group fitness classes like Body Pump and Body Combat. I signed up at the Gulf Coast 1/2 here in Mandeville where my business was a sponsor. I realized I wanted to be a part of the race and after a little persuasion from some friends I committed to TLM. I trained as best as I could, but have been struggling with a Morton’s neuroma in my foot and IT band syndrome. Needless to say I have spent a lot of time at Varsity sports over the least few months with shoes and gear and just hanging out with the awesome Mandeville crew. My goal was to finish before 2:30 and I came in at 2:22. I said I was just going to cross a 1/2 of off my bucket list, but now I am determined to try it again hopefully pain free this time and see how I do. Everyone said how TLM was a first class event and they were correct. The Pastalaya dinner was inspiring and moving and helped to push me through my own pain because I would think of Ainsley’s Angels and how lucky I am to even be able to run. Thank you for an incredible first 1/2 marathon experience. I’ll definitely see you next year!